DGMT NGO Commons - A Resource for Enhancing Good Governance and Accountability

A Resource for Enhancing Good Governance and Accountability

About the DGMT NGO Commons Website

This website was conceptualised as a platform for developing a sector resource. The main objective was to start to bring together – into one central place – existing resources to guide civil society organisations through important processes of ensuring that they are legally established and that they have in place strong governance structures, required to ensure their future survival and improvement.

We have also attempted to give organisations a sense of what donors look for (as part of their due diligence processes) when assessing organisations. Generally, such assessments are in response to applications for funding. Our intention is to walk organisations through essential “must know” elements, and we provide links to resources that we think organisations might benefit from having access to.

Our aim, is to see organisations actively participate in the growth of this resource, by sharing details of resources which they have found to be particularly useful in guiding them through their own development processes; such resources may be emailed directly to diane[at]dgmt.co.za