DGMT NGO Commons - A Resource for Enhancing Good Governance and Accountability

A Resource for Enhancing Good Governance and Accountability

Ensuring Strong Organisational Governance

In this section, we point primarily to the importance of the NGO Governing Body, particularly with respect to guiding the organisation and providing oversight of its development and growth.  We also provide some insight into some of the organisational features that donors look for – as part of their due diligences appraisal of organisations – when considering applications for funding.

  1. Why it is important to have a Governing Body: Governance vs Management
  2. Roles of an Organisation’s Governing Body
  3. Recruiting Board Members
  4. Monitoring Financial Resources – Role of the Board
    1. Presenting Annual Audited Financial Statements
    2. Raising Unrestricted Funds
    3. Reserves (and Spending)
    4. Cash flow, Liabilities and Commitments
    5. Diversity of Income and Subsidies
  5. What else donors look for?
    1. Management and Leadership
    2. Relationships with primary constituencies (through projects and programmes)
    3. Providing evidence for further support
    4. Reporting