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A Resource for Enhancing Good Governance and Accountability


It is important to understand that reporting is on-going and fluid.

Many NGOs have staffing constraints and existing staff members are often under severe pressure.  However, management of organisations need to think carefully before submitting the same report/s (i.e. recycle reports) to their different stakeholders.  It is certainly worth taking the time to think about who you are reporting to, and whether the report that you are thinking of submitting provides insight into your work that will be relevant to the stakeholder that you are writing to.

Reporting to donors need to reflect:

  • Progress – be clear about what progress the project (being funded) / organisation has made during the grant period.  How much of what you had planned to do have you managed to achieve?
  • Reflect on whether all the conditions of funding have been met.  In your report, also address each condition that has not been and provide your assessment of what exactly influenced this.
  • If monitoring and evaluation strategies was a condition of the grant, show/reflect on how the measurement criteria are being adhered to and/or how impact is being measured.
  • Respect for submission dates.  Make sure that relevant reports (reports that speak to the work funded or what you promised a community forum you would do) are submitted as promised.