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A Resource for Enhancing Good Governance and Accountability

Management and Leadership

The Head/Director/CEO of the organisation is hired by the Board to lead and direct the organisatioan and to implement it’s strategies, policies and programmes, as approved by the Board. To be effective in this role,  it is important and necessary that the Head of the organisation holds significant responsibility for giving strategic direction and for driving organisational development so that the organisation is indeed able to achieve its goals.  In this context, it is critical that a positive and productive relationship exists between the Board and the Head of the organisation, as it could influence the success or failure of the organisation.

At an operational level, the Head of the organisation is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. Together with the organisation’s financial administrator/s, he/she will also draw up details of the organisation’s budget which will be presented to the Board for approval. It is this budget that guides the fundraising strategy of organisations, and it is generally the case that the Head of the organisation plays a pivotal role in driving this strategy. In this respect, the Head of the organisation is often the public face of the organisation and is expected to build relationships with key external stakeholders, such as donors and other community organisations, who might be able to complement and support the work of the organisation.

The Head of the organisation remains accountable to the Board for performance of the organisation and for how the organisations funds are used.  He/she is, therefore, responsible for regular performance and financial reporting to the Board, which includes holding responsibility for ensuring that annual audits are completed for adequate and reliable reporting to donors.